Pancasikha They was the case of love-lorn Deva, named Pancasikha who composed and sang love songs to the accompaniment of his divine harp. His songs were dedicated to the Devi Suriyavacchasa the beautiful daughter of Deva King Timbaru. "Yam me atthi punnam, Arahantesu tadisu, tam me sabbangakalayani, tayasa ddhim vipaccatam" "All alone by myself, I have accumulated much merit by observing precepts and making offerings to the most homage-worth Arahats, who are always pure, free of defilements. May these accumulated merit of mine come to fruition soon in the form of inseparable partnership for life with you my love, my beauteous queen." In spite of his intense adoration for her, Suriyavacchasa had an eye for Sikhanti, son of Deva Martali. So Sakka, the King of Devas because of his services intervened and arranged the marriage between her and Pancasikha.