Saint Amphibalus

Saint Amphibalus Nevertheless, they suggest that there is other evidence to shift the identification of Geoffrey’s Kaerguenit away from Winchester. They refer to the Brut’s mention of St Julianus (Sulien in Welsh) as Bishop of Kaer Wynt, the battle of Maes Vrien and the monastery of St Amphibalus. Taking these details in reverse order, St Amphibalus and his monastery are easily disposed of. The saint – like numerous medieval saints – never existed, but derived from a misunderstanding in a Life of St Alban, in which the saint’s cloak (αμφιβάλον in Greek and amphibalum in late Latin) became transformed into a person by a scribe who did not understand the rare word of Greek origin in his exemplar. If Amphibalus did not exist, nor did his monastery. In the Historia Regum Brittanie (vi.5), there is a church dedicated to the saint in Winchester; this is unhistorical, no matter where we choose to locate Kaer Wynt. http://www.kmatthews.org.uk/arthuriana/winchester.html