Lyaeos Meanwhile, the emperor decided to entertain himself by staging games in the circus4. His greatest athlete was a German by the name of Lyaeos. He challenged Christians to wrestle with him on a platform that was built over spears with their sharp points upward. A brave Christian named Nestor went to Demetrius and asked him for a blessing to fight the barbarian. With the blessing and prayers of Demetrius, Nestor overcame the fierce German and threw him from the platform and onto the spears (This is what Lyaeos would have done to Nestor if Nestor had lost the fight). This angered one of the Roman commanders so much that he ordered Nestor be killed. He also decided to send a guard to the prison to kill Demetrius too. It was early morning, on October 26, 306 A.D., and soldiers appeared in the Demetrius’ underground prison and killed him with spears. His faithful servant, Lupus, gathered up the blood-soaked garment and took the imperial ring from Demetrius’ finger (which was a symbol of his high position in the Roman government) and dipped the ring in the blood. With the ring and other holy things that were now sanctified5 by the blood of St. Demetrius, Lupus began to use them to heal those who were sick and dying. When the emperor found out, he issued orders to have him arrested and killed. http://www.stbasilsinirving.org/stb/files/media/Oct26_Demetrius_of_Thessalonica.pdf