Trefuilngid Tre-eochair

Trefuilngid Tre-eochair Triple Bearer of Triple Key - Triple Goddess Trefuilngid Tre-eochair - Macha The Irish god of the shamrock, Trefuilngid Tre-eochair ("Triple Bearer of the Triple Key"), was son-consort to the triple Goddess, Macha. Interestingly enough, the twelfth century Book of Leinster - an Irish codex used to verify stories from the ancient pagan tradition - claims Macha as Patrick’s mother. Could Patrick be a modern Christian reworking of Trefuingid? http://www.mysticalmind.com/Shadows/ezine/yearcycles/stpatday.htm
The termination of his name, ngid, is not organic. Trefuil is therefore evidently neither more nor less than Trifolmm, and Tre-eochair is its Gaelic equiva- lent, three sprouts." The three fruits of his branch nuts, apples, and acorns become five trees of various sorts, not accurately defined. http://www.archive.org/stream/ourancestorsscot00maclrich/ourancestorsscot00maclrich_djvu.txt
This tree lives in the center of Annwn and is the first Tree of Creation. The ancient Bards called it "Trefuilngid" (Tre ecohair), the tree of the "three keys" or three saplings. This tree is alive with Song, Dance, and Merry Making. And on its limbs the birds of Rhiannon sing so beautifully that "whoever hears them remains in a timeless state". From this first "Great Tree," the Mother Goddess, Dana brought to Tara {Ireland} a branch with three fruits: nuts, apples, and acorns. From this branch all trees of the earth took root