Usha, Chaya, Padmini

Usha, Chaya, Padmini Three wives represent the three great solar energies, Maha Gayatri, Maha Savitri, Maha Saraswati. Even a highly intelligent man is seized and bound to the threefold pillars - birth, life and death. Through prostration and devotional prayers and virtuous deeds, he implores Surya to loosen the bonds of his sins, and save him from the evils he has committed. This is represented here as three wives of the Sun-God and this gives birth to the well known ‘Adhibuta, Adhidaiva and Adhyatama’ and these three realms are physico-chemical, biological and psychological. The three wives further represent three ‘gunas’ of human nature, ‘sattwa, Rajas and Tamas’ - Rhythm mobility and inertia. The solid, liquid and vaporous states of matter. White, red and black are their colors; waking, dreaming and deep sleep are their states; sky, space and earth are their seats. Seers says it: “RADHASTHAM BHASKARAM DRISTWA PUNARJANMA NAVIDYATE ” - There will be no rebirth own one who sees the lord on the chariot. Such is His grace. SYSTEM OF WORSHIP Though the Sun-God called maker of the day (Dinakara), Sunday is considered to the most auspicious day for Sun Worship. On that day devotees perform very important Surya Sahasranama and Surya Vrata and etc., for their wishes to be fulfilled. http://www.arasavallisungod.org/abtsun4.html