Lord Devendra

Lord Devendra Once Lord Devendra, ignoring the words of Dwarapalaka Nandi, attempted to force his entry for Darshan of Sri Rudrakoteswara Swamy Varu at an untimely hour when Lord Siva was along with his consort. The Dwarapalaka Nandi in the discharge of his duties kicked the intruder. Thus kicked and injured by the Devine attendant Indra fell down senseless. And in his unconscious state Indra dreamt that he would be relieved of his pain for injury in his chest caused by Nandi if he built a temple and installed an idol of the Sun God. After regaining his consciousness, he remembered what he dreamt. Following his dream he picked up handfuls of earth three times at a place where he lay, and there he found this beautiful idol of Sun God with three consorts Usha, Chaya and Padmini At the base of the idols are the figures of Mathara and Pingala the Dwarapalakas and high up are the two divine saints, Sankara and Sanadana holding ‘Chatrams’. The Sun God is depicted as riding over a chariot drawn by Anura, the Radhasaradhy. http://www.astrologyforu.com/others/events/2006/ratha-sapthami-2006.php