Lingodbhava Shiva then appeared out of this column of fiery lingam, with a thousand arms and legs, with the sun, moon and fire as his three eyes, bearing the pinaka bow, wearing the hide of an elephant, bearing the trishul, and addressed Vishnu and Bhrama in a thunderous voice, explaining that the two were born out of him, and that the three were then separated out into three different aspects of divinity. http://www.indiantemples.com/beliefs/lingod.htm But Lord Brahma, chancing upon a piece of “thazhambu”, a floral fibre, learnt from it that it had been floating down for forty thousand years from Lord Siva’s head. He seized upon this and claimed to Lord Siva that he had seen the other’s top. Lord Siva realized the falsehood and pronounced that there would never be a temple for Lord Brahma in this world. He also interdicted the use of the floral fibre in His worship. http://www.treeoflifeyoga.net/india-trip2007.pdf