Body - Intellect

Body - Intellect Body - Self Terrestrial - Heavenly Man - God Agni 3. Two (beings) of the same age 1 try to draw that wonderful shape (Agni) towards themselves, progressing in turns towards a common aim 2. Then he is to be proclaimed by us like a winner 3 (in a contest). The charioteer 4 (governs all things) as if pulling in the reins of a draught-horse. 4. He whom two (beings) of the same age 1 serve, two twins dwelling together in one common abode, the gray one has been born as a youth by night as by day 2, the ageless one who wanders through many generations of men. 5. The prayers, the ten fingers 1 stir him up. We, the mortals, call him, the god, for his protection. From the dry land he hastens to the declivities 2. With those who approached him he has established new rules 3. 6. Thou indeed, O Agni, reignest by thy own nature over the heavenly and over the terrestrial http://www.sacred-texts.com/hin/sbe46/sbe46042.htm