Bhauma Atri

Bhauma Atri Only atri bhauma the founding father of this clan cover a large number of devatA-s. The atri-s also incorporate sUkta-s of different a~Ngirasa-s, kashyapa-s, a vasiShTha and a possible vaishvamitra. The kANva-s, likewise, incorporate other a~Ngirasa-s clans, bhArgava-s, atreya-s, kashyapa-s and mana maitravaruNi. What this implies is that in the case of book 5 and 8 the tendency was to collate compositions over time by different authors rather than create a whole new set for much of the ritual sequence. They also were not averse to collecting material from gotra-s other than their own and incorporating it into the family book. http://manasataramgini.wordpress.com/2007/10/27/the-mandala-graph-for-rishi-sharing/