33 Heads

33 Heads Erawan (Thai: เอราวัณ) is the Thai name of Airavata. It is depicted as a huge elephant, having three, sometimes with 33 heads. The heads are often shown with more than two tusks. Some statues show the Hindu god Indra riding on Erawan." http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20080817171621AAEwOpL Erawan, the noblest of elephants was a magical gift from God Shiva to God Indra. Lord Indra also has 2 other magical elephants, Keereemeg Tridayuk and Eggatun, which were given to him by Lord Brahma and Lord Vishnu respectively. ... Described as a hugh elephant with silvery white body of 33 heads, each head has 7 long ivory tusks. Each of his tusk is 16 million meters long, so huge that it can house 7 large lotus ponds, within each tusk also live thousands of angels and their servants. http://www.himmapan.com/himmapan_elephant_erawan.html Shiva gives Erawan Brahma gives Keereemeg Tridayuk Vishnu gives Eggatun