Zodiac and Christianity

Zodiac and Christianity Prophetic Significance of the 12 Signs Virgo "Seed of the Woman" "The Incarnate Son" Libra "The Required Price" "The Redeemer" Scorpio "The Mortal Conflict" "The Sufferer" Sagittarius "The Final Trumpet" "The Conqueror" Capricorn "Life Out of Death" "The Sacrifice" Aquarius "Blessing Out of Victory" "The Living Water" Pisces "Deliverance Out of Bondage" "The Liberator" Aries "Glory Out of Humiliation" "The Crowned Lamb" Taurus "His Glorious Coming" "The Judge" Gemini "His Rule on Earth" "The King" Cancer "His Possessions Held Secure" "The Protector" Leo "His Enemies Destroyed" "The Victor"