caitya Cologne Sanskrit Dictionary 2 mfn. relating to a funeral pile or mound (%{citA}) A1s3vGr2. iii , 6 Gr2ihya1s. ii , 4 ; m. n. a funeral monument or Stu1pa (q.v.) or pyramidal column containing the ashes of deceased persons , sacred tree (esp. a religious fig-tree) growing on a mound , hall or temple or place of worship (esp. with Buddh. and Jain. and generally containing a monument) , a sanctuary near a village A1s3vGr2. i , 12 Para1s3. Ya1jn5. ii , 151 & 228 MBh. &c. ; a Jain or Buddh. image L. ; m. = %{-tyaka} , ii , 814