Birth of Ayyappa

Birth of Ayyappan Sastha Therefore Lord Siva asked "Sastha" to serve as an earthly king for twelve years which was one of the pre-requisites to kill Leela Mahishi. For this purpose Ayyappa was abandoned on the banks of river Pampa. At that time, Rajashekara was the King of Pandalam. His queen had not borne him any offspring. Both the King and the Queen used to constantly pray to the Lord to be blessed with a child. One day,the King went hunting in the forest of Pampa . At night , while resting, he heard the cry of a little boy nearby. The king immediately ran to the banks of river Pampa where he found the new-born baby with a golden bell around his neck. The King believed that the child was sent by the Lord. He took the baby to his palace. The queen was jubilant and welcomed the unexpected gift from the Lord. Since the baby was wearing a golden bell around his neck they decided to call him "Manikantan". The divine boy was brought up in a fine manner. He was provided with complete physical and mental education. In a short period of time the boy mastered all lessons. The teacher was extremely happy at the achievements of his disciple and at the same time realized the boy’s divine power. At the time of accepting "Guru Dakshina" (fees) the Guru refused to accept any material benefits. He requested Manikanta to bless his son who was both blind and deaf. http://www.saranamayyappa.org/The_Arrival_of_Mohini.htm