snAna is rtital bathing, linked especially with three times of the year: Kartik snAna, Magha snAna, Vaisakha snAna It is also the Sasnakrit word linked with Baptism: jnAnasnAnagkoTu-ttal jnAnasnAnakullA jnAnasnAnam jnAnasnAnattoTTi Cologne Sanskrit Dictionary snAna n. (ifc. f. {A}) bathing , washing , ablution , religious or ceremonial lustration (as of an idol &c.) , bathing in sacred waters (considered as one of the six daily duties [cf. {SaT-karman}] or as an essential part of some ceremonial , esp. the ablutions performed by a Brahma-ca1rin on becoming a householder cf. {snAtaka}) Gr2S3rS. Mn. MBh. &c. (IW. 242 RTL. 394 n. 1 &c.) ; washing off , removal by washing , cleansing BhP. ; anything used in ablution (e.g. water , perfumed powder &c.) Ka1v. VarBr2S. Vet. BhP. Kartik snAna, Magha snAna, Vaisakha snAna