Appar North Kailasha - South Kailasha Vada Kailasa - Dasa Kailasa Like the word five aintu, the word Ayiram, i.e. thousand is also a favourite number with Appar who uses it frequently in his verses. The Lord has thousand sacred feet like thousand lotus flowers Has thousand shoulders like thousand golden hills Has thousand lofty crowns like thousand suns the God of Arur, delights in thousand names (4197) In another verse the saint says, The Lord of Arur, Received the nectar from the wavy ocean reflecting moon in thousands Burnt the three fortified cities wherein resided the thousand asuras Danced swinging his thousand arms and Placed thousand feet to end the dance.(4675) i.e. The Purusha has thousand heads, thousand eyes and thousand feet. http://www.tamilartsacademy.com/books/siva%20bhakti/chapter04.html