Rock Yantra

Rock Yantra The three lines of the triangle are also held to represent the three Gunas being Sattva - Purity and Calm; Rajas - Activity; and Tamas - Inertia. Alternatively, the three lines are held to symbolize three goddesses - Kameshwari, Brijeshwari and Agamalini. They also represent the three stages of consciousness, Jagrti - Conscious Awareness; Swapna - Dreaming; and Sushupti - Deep Slumber. The fourth stage of Consciousness is literally Turiya - the Fourth! and is a transcendent state found only in the ultimate realization of the Goddess. http://www.indiayogi.com/content/temples/bhadrakali.aspx Jagrti, Swapna, Sushupti, Turiya Conscious Awareness, Dreaming, Deep Slumber