Swallow the Sun, Moon

Swallow the Sun, Moon Andhaka summoned Gila, the swallower and asked him to swallow the sun, the moon and Indra. He also asked him to swallow Veeraka, who was like a thorn in their way. Gila could swallow everyone except Veeraka. In the absence of the sun and the moon, there was darkness everywhere. Veeraka sang in praise of Lord Shiva. He wondered as to how Gila could swallow Vishnu also.Shiva said "during the Narasimha incarnation of Lord Vishnu, when NarasimhaÕs could not contain his anger even after he had killed Hiranyakashipu, he set out to swallow the world. http://www.mail-archive.com/fairfieldlife@yahoogroups.com/msg34988.html