Bhargavacharya Nandi entered the battlefield, abducted Bhargavacharya and brought him before Shiva. Immediately Lord Shiva swallowed him. Bhargavacharya tried all tricks to come out of ShivaÕs body, but failed. Left with no choice, he started praising Shiva. Lord Shiva, out of compassion, expelled him out of his body through the genital organ. Because of this, Bhargavacharya came to be called as Shukracharya (Shukra in Sanskrit means semen). 5000 years elapsed. The war was still going on. An energy was born out of ShivaÕs ear and destroyed everyone. Even Shukracharya could not stop it. Shiva asked Vishnu to stay away and encountered Andhaka. He stabbed Andhaka with his trident and held his body high in the sky. He expanded his body. Shiva held him in that posture for a thousand years. Only after this, Andhaka could comprehend about is birth.Andhaka was surprised that Lord Shiva did not punish him although he had aspired for his own mother. Even while hanging on the trident, he praised the 108 forms of Shiva for a thousand years. All his sins were washed off. Shiva brought him down, and for the first time, touched him. Immediately he became bright and luminous. He fell at his parentsÕ feet and asked for forgiveness.Shiva and Parvati preached Andhakasura.Later he was made in charge of one of the Ganas.Even now he is engaged in the service of his parents.Those who listen to this story will be rid of their ignorance. http://www.mail-archive.com/fairfieldlife@yahoogroups.com/msg34988.html