Libra - Aries

Libra - Aries But when he concentrates and takes control over his mind and threads of cosmic air through the Pranayama (Prana and Yama) in Sushumna, finds the clear way from Mooladhara to Sahasrara, becomes Urdhva retaska and reaches the 3rd foot of Lord Vishnu which is over and above the Polaris on the equinoctial vertical axis of Libra and Aries. www.serveveda.org/cosmos_divine_scientific.pdf Tula - Mesha Hyprthesis: Ida Pingala Shushumna Cancer Capricorn Aries- Libra Karka Makara Mesh -Tula Ida Shushumna Pingala Cancer Aries - Libra Capricorn South East West Norht