8 Kinds of Eyeglances

8 Kinds of Eyeglances At this point, Ra. Ganapathy, the writer of these records, supplies the following footnote. “Lakshmidhara’s bhashya on Soundaryalahari describes these eight kinds of eye-glances thus. ‘vishAlA dRshhTi’ shows an inner satisfaction. ‘kalyANI’ shows the miraculous nature of the dRshhTi. ‘ayodhyA’ is the smile shown by the very eyeballs. ‘dhArA’ is that enchanting glance of the lover. ‘madhurA’ is what is shown by contracted eyes. ‘bhogavatI’ is the glance shown by friendly affection. ‘avantI’ is the innocent look. ‘vijayA’ is the side glance emanating from the position of the eyeball moving to the extreme corner of the eye”. http://groups.yahoo.com/group/advaitin/message/21184