Linga - OM

Linga - OM Just as OM is the ’sound symbol’ of God, the Linga is ‘form symbol’ or visible symbol of God – the most meaningful, the simplest and the least endowed with appendages of attributes. The Linga means, that in which this Jagat (world of change) attains Laya or mergence or dissolution (Leeyate). All forms merge in the Formless at last. Shiva is the Principle of Destruction of all names and forms, of all entities and individuals. So, the Linga is the simplest sign of emergence and mergence.” (Sai Baba, SS, 3/99, last cover page. http://sathyasaibaba.wordpress.com/2008/05/28/sathya-sai-lingodbhava-mystery-of-the-shiva-lingam/ Linga - OM Form Symbol - Sound Symbol Visible - Invisible