Wesak Festival

Wesak Festival Full Moon of Taurus This group of knowers of divinity are the main participants in The Wesak Festival. They arrange Themselves in the northeastern end of the valley, in concentric circles, and prepare for a great act of service. In front of the rock, looking towards the northeast, stand Those Beings Who are called by Their disciples The Three Great Lords. These are The Christ, Who stands in the center; the Lord of living forms, The Manu, Who stands at His right; and The Lord of Civilization, who stands to His left. These three face the rock upon which rests a great crystal bowl, full of water. 3 Great Lords Lord of Civilization, Christ, Lord of Living Forms The whole ceremonial blessing, from the time of the first appearance in the distance until the moment The Buddha fades out of view, takes just eight minutes. http://souledout.org/wesak/wesaklegend2.html

To the Buddhist, Vaikāsi Pournima, is Wesak, the day Gautam Buddha was born, gained enlightenment and finally attained maha samādhi. His life from birth, through marriage, renunciation, enlightenment to maha samādhi is fascinating. Even though he had left his mortal coil over two thousand five hundred years ago, the spirituality created by him has not diminished - it is timelessly ancient.