12 Months: Egypt

12 Months: Egypt Anubis July 25-August 28 Determined, self-assured. Thoth August 19-September 27 Capable, wise, organized. Horus September 28-October 27 Confident, headstrong, obstinate. Wadjet October 28-November 26 Logical, dedicated, ambitious. Sekhmet November 27-December 26 Optimistic, eloquent, quarrelsome. Horus of the Horizon (Sphinx) December 27-January 25 Adaptable, disciplined, arrogant. Shu January 26-February 24 Cheerful, creative, indecisive. Isis February 25-March 26 Idealistic, intuitive, loyal. Osiris March 27-April 25 Witty, kindly, emotionally aloof. Amun-Ra April 26-May 25 Resolute, trustworthy, a leader. Hathor May 26-June 24 Emotional, charming, romantic. Bennu (Phoenix) June 25-July 24 Resilient, busy, self-renewing. http://givnology.com/eve/forums/a/tpc/f/47060593/m/6681026521 Sekhmet - Hathor