12 Ways of Taming

12 Ways of Taming In terms of taming through body, speech, mind, quality, action, and so forth, a. Taming by body he is Mañjushr YA.Mantaka. b. Taming by speech, he is the great padma lord, Hayagriiva. c. Taming by mind, he is Vajra Heruka. d. Taming by qua ties, he is Chemchok.92 e. Taming by buddha activity, he is Vajrakiilaya. f. Taming by magnificence he is LA.Mé Ngondzok. g. Taming by wrath, he is Tregpa Kundul, Vajra Chantra. h. Taming by power, he is Tobden Nakpo, Mahabala. i. Taming by blessings he is LA.Ma Rigdzin, Guru Vidyadhaara or Vajra Mahaa Guru. j. Taming by desirable things, he is Aparacitta.10 k. Taming by protection, he is Mikyö Gönpo. l. Taming by exorcism he is U.s.ni.sa Vijaya. http://www.mountaindev.com/d/kila.pdf