14 Worlds of Constellations

14 Worlds of Constellation of Cosmos

Out of the 14 worlds of constellations of Cosmos symbolised in the body of Simsumara kundali, Dhruva (Polaris) is at the end of the tail at the north pole (Vishnuloka) while the Lord resides as Anantha in the lower most
Patala i.e. south pole where the head and hoods of Simsumara Kundali are present. Dhruva is succeded by the sages Dhata, Vidhata, Indra, Agni, Kasyapa and Dharma (Ursa Minor), and then by the sages Marichi,Vasista, Angirasa, Atri, Pulastya, Pulaha and Kratu of the Saptarshi Mandala (Ursa Major).