Heaven Gate - Earth Gate

                     Tropic of Capricorn                                                    Tropic of Cancer 
                     Galactic Centre -                                                        Anticentre of Galaxy
                     Sagittarius                                                                   Gemini     
                     Heaven Gate                                                               Earth Gate
 Celestial Planisphere or Map of the Heavens, A
Heaven Gate -                                                                Earth Gate
NW -                                                                                SW
НЕБЕСНЫЙ ВЕПРЬ -                                               ДУНИЯ
ВЕПРЬ НЕБЕСНЫЙ -                           ДУНИЯ
Celestial Wild Boar                                DUNIYA (Celestial - Terrestrial Fire)


РЫСИЧ -                                                    РУБЕЖНИК
RYSICH                                                     RUBEZHNIK
Oecumenical Boundary                         Shielding Force 
                                                Свастика-Рубежник                           Свастика-Рысич
                                                Shielding Force                                    Oecumenical Boundary