bhIShma mfn. terrible , dreadful S3Br. &c. &c. ; m. (scil. %{rasa}) = {bhISaNa} MW. ; death Nya1yas. Sch. ; N. of Siva L. ; a Rakshasa L. ; N. of a son of Samtanu and Ganga1 (in the great war of the Bharatas he took the side of the sons of Dhr2itara1sht2ra against the sons of Pa1n2d2u , and was renowned for his continence , wisdom , bravery , and fidelity to his word cf. IW. 375 and RTL. 561-564) MBh. Hariv. Pur. ; pl. the race or followers of Bhi1shma MBh. ; n. horror , horribleness W.