Nanchinadu Nancil/ nangol means a plough. Nanchinadu means the land of the plough. The Indians who called it a plough saw Marichi at the handles’ end and the sixth star is Vasishta besides Arundhathi. On the northeast side are Pulasthya and Pulahan. This line ends in Dhruva that is the plough’s sharp end points to the Dhruva star. Nangol, a Dravidian word, implies a group of stars in the shape of the plough. It rises in the Dhanu rasi, one hour after sun set. As a part of the beginning for the preparation for sowing paddy seeds, it marks time to empty the paddy field by pumping out water with the help of water wheel, known as chakrapathayam. http://www.boloji.com/astro/00334a.htm