Time: 6:31-7:30 pm

Month: October 1-15
Color: Pink, blue
Gemstone: Pink quartz, tourmaline, opal
Tree: Elm
Symbol: Gifts, a kiss



HYPHA. Gifts. In the ancient Nordic peace of relation they were based on the gifts: between the people, with the gods and the ancestors. The fleeces of gift it advises to be generous and ready to victims. The balance between the gifts illustrates the fleeces of gift. This [karmicheskaya] of fleece, which advises to get rid of the debts and the dependences. Fleeces emphasizes the importance of donation to the future generations of the fact that was presented to you by itself just as the importance of [prineseniya] of the gifts to the previous generations, to gods and to ancestors. The size of gifts will increase, but not it is excessive. Fleeces it advises to give, but not to give out gifts it is boundless without the meditations. Donation must be balanced.