Asho Zarathushtra

Asho Zarathushtra The three wives are his YAZADIC POWERS or YAZADIC ENERGIES going around inside His Body. These powers/energies are : HAVOVI - Inexhaustible purity URVISHT - Capable of Divine Consciousness AIVISH-BARDAR - Altertness against evil onslaughts His three Sons are His Spiritual Strengths - ISTAVASTAR - All-knowing UDHARTNAR - Power to perform miracles HAVERECHITHRA - Possessor of "NOOR" of the highest grade His daughters are His other Spiritual Powers - FRENY - Conduct worthy of highest praise THRITY - Power to sacrifice, power to maintain unity of Soul PAURUCHISTI - Light of inexhaustible wisdom http://tenets.zoroastrianism.com/birth33.html