Evolution of Alphabet

Evolution of Alphabet
18th century scholars (notably Jones, 1797) claimed that Sanskrit was at the origin of European languages.
19th century Europe tended to assume a European origin for the First Alphabet  (q.v.), which was variously assumed to be e.g.:
20th century scholarship shifted attention to Evolution of Alphabets and introduced three further contributions:
1)  a vision of a Proto-European Family of Languages, thus returning to the 18th century claims
2) datailed comparative work by Russian linguists, notably  Amanjolov, demonstrating that European and Asian languages stemmed form some common root.  
3) new evidence of an Indus Brahmi script that goes back to 4067 B.C., thus predating the earliest Egyptian claims by over 2000 years. Meanwhile a 17th century source claimed that the language of Adam went back to 5509 B.C.