Yew Terms

Yew Terms
. Its very name is mysterious in its simple brevity, and has been traced back to the sacred word for Jehovah, the Immortal. In Latin and in Portuguese, iva; in Old German, iua; in Welsh, yw; in Anglo-Saxon, eow; in Old English, iw, ew, ewe, eugh, and uhe; in French, if; in Swedish, id; and in modern German, eibe
As EI the Yew becomes the first of 6 additional double letters (dipthongs) following the 26 letters in the 32 letter Anglo Sacon Runes
ida          Idad
  Ido          Idho
  Íodha        Iogha
  iubhar        iogh
gateway tree,a portal between matter and spirit,representing immortality