Aleph, Mem, Shin

Aleph, Mem, Shin
                   א   –  Алеф – от אויר  (Авир)   -  «Воздух»     I
                   מ  – Мем   – от מים   (Маим)   -   «Вода»         H        (0.41)
                   ש  – Шин  – от אש  (Эш)       -    «Огонь»      V.

This form of the Caduceus of Hermes is that of the Three Mother letters, Shin, Aleph. and Mem. It represents Air, as the mediator between Fire above and Water below.

This symbol has another meaning on the Tree of Life. The upper part and wings touch Chokmah and Binah. The knob touches Kether. These are the Three Supernals.

The seven lower Sephiroth are embraced by the twin Serpents whose heads rest upon Chesed and Geburah