The rune of Iormungand is Ior, from the Fourth Aett of the Anglo-Saxon Futhark it expresses many of the attributes of Iormungand, but also introduces other sides to the serpent’s nature. In contrast to the destructive, and entropic, nature of Iormungand, Ior the rune has a beneficial and accessible aspect, and this is where the every day magick of Iormungand has its source.

The magick of Iormungand and Ior is protective and binding in nature, this is expressed in Ivy (Hedera Helix) the plant associated with both the World Serpent, and the Ior rune. Like the serpent that it symbolizes, the ivy entwines itself around life, causing change by bringing death, and subsequently allowing new life to begin. Throughout this process, the Ivy remains evergreen (eternal) and constant, in an act of initial paradox, a plant of death, but also a plant of life.