Руны и нордическая магия


[EYVAZ]. Hunting and the journey between the peaces. Fleeces relates to the man [miste] to [riyam] and it is connected with the masculine sex. It describes the world axis, which is pulled from the peaces of life to the peaces of death. Yew-tree symbolizes life, and also death and dying. These are - the fleeces of hunting and skill of shooting from [lukag]. In the guess-work “of [eyvaz]” it advises to be oriented toward the purpose and to leave to the hunting. “[Eyvaz]” describes trees and wild nature, in which we can find knowledge about the unknown.
The site http://www.oudewijsheid.nl/orientatiedag.html claims that Ewaz means De reis (the journey) or de paard (the horse).