Khan Tengri

Khan Tengri
Kazakhstan’s highest peak – Khan Tengri (7,010 m). Besides, only 500 km north of Almaty there is the fine-grained sand of the Prebalkhash desert, and the cliffs of Charyn Canyon.
Khan Tengri, on mountain Tian Shan representing the connection between chinese Tian, bulgars Tengri and the holy mountain Tian Shan. And extremely holy place anyway....
Also, a missing part of the puzzle in Wikipedia is that they consider there was no symbol of Tangra, while for Bulgarians, such symbol is the symbol on the right. For me, it remarkably resembles the Chinese symbols 人 Ren -human and 天 tian-sky. Even more, some people consider Tengri to have the same etimology as Tian, which is well supported by those symbols.