yavarga History

Yavarga History
In Sanskrit the yavarga consists of 4 semivowels:
ya ra la va
which are linked with the zodiac sign Pisces (Mina).
In Devanagari, y r l v are called the  4 Approximants or Trill.
In the Tantric tattvas this becomes
ya        ra                la          va        la
य          र                 ल           व         ल
Action, Knowing, Desire, Time, Fate
The yavarga recurs in Indian and nearby languages:
y y r l l v w (Oriya)
When the yavarga reaches Persia/Iran
y v r š (Avestan)  
ya yya ya va ra (Avestan)
The yavarga recurs in Pahlavi as:
Y R L V Nasal-V (Pahlavi)
In the Aryan Alphabet of Darius II it recurs as:
YA           RA     RU  LA          VA VI