ka kha ga gha na, ca cha ja jha na, ţa ţha da dha ņa, t th d dh n, pa pha ba bha ma, ya ra la va

ka kha ga gha na, ca cha ja jha na, ţa ţha da dha ņa, t th d dh n, pa pha ba bha ma, ya ra la va
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In the Rasi Chakra (cf . Sanskrit and Zodiac),  the 25 consonants and 4 semivowels are aligned with the 6 months of the Zodiac: Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces. 
If we begin the sequence with Sagittarius and align this with the sequence of Sanskrit consonants as found in the Aryabhata numeration along with old Phoenican and Hebrew (22 letters) we arrive at the following
Sequence                                          1                     2                    3                  4
Sanskrit                                             ka                   kha                ga                gha
Phoenician                                        Aleph             Beth              Gimel           Daleth 
Hebrew                                              Aleph              Beth              Gimel          Dahl
Zodiac Sign                                       Sagittarius   Capricorn     Aquarius    Pisces 
Modern Month Sequence              11                   12                   1                   2 
Sequence                                           5                     6                    7
Sanskrit                                              na                   ca                 cha  
Phoenician                                         Heh                 Waw           Zayin 
Hebrew                                               Heh,                Vav              Zayin
Zodiac Sign                                        Aries              Taurus        Gemini 
Modern Month Sequence               3                      4                   5 
Sequence                                          8                        9                10
Sanskrit                                            ja                       jha              na
Phoenician                                       Heth                  Teth           Yod
Hebrew                                             Cheth,               Teth           Yod,
Zodiac Sign                                      Cancer               Leo           Virgo 
Modern Month Sequence              6                         7                8
Sequence                                       11                         12              13                   14
Sanskrit                                           ţa                          ţha            da                   dha 
Phoenician                                      Kaph                    Lamed      Mem              Nin
Sanskrit                                           Kaph,                    Lamed,     Mem,             Nun
Zodiac Sign                                     Libra                     Scorpio    Sagittarius   Capric.
Modern Month Sequence             9                       10              11                   12  
Sequence                                        15                     16              17                    18
Sanskrit                                           ņa,                    t                  th                     d
Phoenician                                     Samek             Ayin            Pe                   Sade 
Hebrew                                           Samekh,          Ayin,           Peh,               Tzsaddi,
Zodiac Sign                                   Aquarius          Pisces       Aries              Taurus
Modern Month Sequence          1                         2                 3                      4
Sequence                                      19                   20                 21                     22
Sanskrit                                         dh                    n                   pa                    pha 
Phoenician                                    Qoph              Ras              Sin                   Taw
Hebrew                                          Qoph,             Resh,           Shin,                Tau
Zodiac Sign Gemini                     Cancer          Leo               Virgo               Libra  
Sequence                                       23                   24                 25                     26
Sanskrit                                           ba                   bha                ma                   ya
This sequence is noteworthy  beacuase it shows how ba ot B is effectively the second cycle.