Ham Aum Ksa

Ham Aum Ksa

Ajna Chakra is situated within the Sushumna Nadi and its corresponding centre in the physical body is at the space between the two eye-brows. This is known as Trikuti. The presiding deity, Paramasiva (Shambhu), is in the form of Hamsa. There is Goddess Hakini (Sakti}. Pranava xdvng (Om) is the Bijakshara for this Chakra. This is the seat of the mind. There are two petals (Yoga Nadis) on each side of the lotus (Chakra) and the vibrations of these Nadis are represented by the Sanskrit letters:—xdvng (Ham) and (Ksham). This is the Granthi Sthana (Rudra Granthi). The Chakra is of pure white colour or like that of the fullmoon (on the Purnima day). Bindu, Nada and Sakti are in this Chakra. This Chakra corresponds to Tapo-Loka. The corresponding centre in the physical body is at the Cavernous Plexus.http://www.yoga-age.com/modern/kun4.html

In the Hindu tradition there are various ways of representing these three letters, e.g.:

Ham  Aum     Ksa

Ha      M          Sa

Hamsa uthra5.jpg

In the Nazorean Essene Tradition of Mount Carmel the "equivalent" of the ajna chakra is the Top Manda. The three letters now become the Aramaic Hebrew

A              M          Sh  

In Hebrew these become

Aleph            Mem                Shin

Letter 1         Letter 13         Letter 22

Air                  Water              Fire

Beginning    Middle             End