Vowels and Magic Squares

Vowels and Magic Squares
Magic Squares and Vowels
If we assume 3 x 3 squares using the sequence found in Budhu Squares we find that the vowels, A E I O U occur in the inner column. If we imagine a human being as three columns of Ida, Pingala and Shushumna in the middle then the male and female physical columns surround a central column for metaphysical, spiritual breathing that speaks using vowels.  
N         S        L                      
M        O(T)   Q
R         K        P                
D         I          B
C         E(J)   G
H         A         F
If we increase the size of the matrix to 4 x 4 squares then we arrive at a grid of 15 squares where the vowels form the left column. Von Gorsleben, in his fundamental study has suggested that the vowels generate vowels in 3 stages: arising, becoming, decreasing which reflects the Sanskrit tradition of  sattva, rajas, tamas.  
4 x 4 Squares
A  B C D
E  F G  H
I   K L M/N
O  P Q R  
S  T U V
If we increase this to a 5 x 5 matrix, a curious shift occurs. The vowels now appear in the right hand column as if they were a result of the consonants.
5 x 5 Squares
A    B  C D   E
F     G H  I    J
K     L M N  O
P/Q  R S T  U
V     W  X  Y Z
An example of the consequences of such systematic study of letters and squares is seen in the upper section of the Virga Aurea.