hariuha haitika: farauisa: gibu auja

hariuha haitika: farauisa: gibu auja

Krause translates:

‘Hariuah I am called: the dangerous knowledgeable one: I give chance.’

hariuha is a name whose meaning is not clear; haitika = I am called; farauisa = fara-uisa = travel-wise; gibu = I give; auja = chance. The final drawing: can obviously be interpreted as a "magical tree" but I believe instead that it must be seen (in the runic context) as a triple Tiwaz linked to itself, in the sense that the ‘hat’ of Tiwaz is repeated twice again along the length of the ‘shaft’. (Antonsen supports this interpretation and calls it a triple t.)

‘I am called Hariuha: travel wise: I give chance: Tiwaz (three times)’.