The solar symbol in the centre depicts the arch-father of Ancient Kuzhebar - Yagdyn.

The inner circle build Deathless Creatures, who bring into the world different kinds of beings, which symbols you can see on the external circle. On the frontal world plane it is easily to recognise axles, which present the vision of an always growing and renewing world.


The central figure is the arch-father and creator of Ancient Kuzhebar – Yagdyn Staroy. According to ancient kuzhebarian tales he has four faces looking to the four winds. Each face was blown by the special wind, his “caboo”* were fluttering in these winds. (* “Caboo” are special unaccountable outgrowths on Yagdynґ faces.)
Yagdyns being exists in a turquoise-blue ambience similar to water. His usual attribute is a big crystal-clear fancifully formed seashell, Yagyn lets it sound with the help of his caboo.

Yagdyn is always accompanied by “Tupata” – mystic creatures, who help by realization of his intention (on the left and on the right side of Yagdyn). Tupatas are everpresent, they are usually shown with two heads looking opposite.