1 Rune

The 1 Rune, the Rune of the Word Tree, and the Mother of all runes is called Hagal and Hagalaz.It is a synthesis of other runes. Note that Hagalaz is also a summary of the alphabet:
H       marks the doubling at Sagittarius - Gemini
A  G  marks the first 7 letters and the end of the first week
A  L   marks the first 11/12 letters and the end of the first half
A  Z   marks the beginning and end of the Alphabet.
Iwaz Rune (Ice)
 Laf Rune (Cosmic Law)  also Lagu (Ocean)                Od Turkic I
 Eihwaz (Yew)                                                                    Old Turkic A
 Cweorth (Fire Twirl Funeral Pyre)