Runes Theory

Runes Theory
Merkaba] consists of two tetrahedrons - man both female and it forms:
8 apexes (angles) - “octave” consisting of eight [Chakr] - eight levels of filling of energy, which form rainbow and gathering it into one ray.
12 edges - “semitones” (connections between the apexes).
24 faces - all the same 24 runes “elder [futarka]”. On 3 edges and 3 faces near one apex. http://tvoyhram.ru/severnrelig/severnrelig26.html
Runes into the yogi -[Dans] Runes - special sign system - relating to the tradition of ancient druids, Scandinavians and Germans and others Word of " [runa]" it has many values: one of them - a whisper. One of the best-known specialists in [shamanizmu], Kenneth [Medouz] in one of his works very poetically named the runes of " By knowledge, described of [shepotom]". This treatment originally embeds special, sacral sense into this concept. There are other values: " [znanie]" , " [znak]" , " [bukva]". But this is simple sign, it makes its concealed sense, invisible, to unenlightened eye… And for retaining the secret it [peredaetsya] by the special letter, in which the information is encoded in the unexpectedly interesting form, and the content is understandable only to those, it is intended for whom. And this akin so that us they tell to the ear, in a whisper so that no one of the strangers would hear. Each symbol has its interpretation and not one. To each fleece corresponds the specific letter of alphabet; they are also connected with the elements, the zodiacal signs and the planets. In the northern esoteric tradition runes they are popular, until now. They are used in the ornament, make special talismans, guard and so forth i.e., fleeces - this is the, first of all, written sign, grapheme. But it means - this is the excellent possibility to transform runic knowledge in [bioenergoplastike]. Fleeces it has its energy characteristic, it is possible not only to sketch or to cut out on by anything; but also to interact with the space in the motion, using for this richest and expressive tool as the human body.