Saule, Meness, Usins, Jumis, Perkons, Zalktis, Auseklis

 Saule, Meness,       Usins,            Jumis,      Perkons,      Zalktis,    Auseklis
1           2                     3                     4                5                     6           7
Cross, Waterwheel, Home Spirit, Life Tree, Fiery Cross, Snake, Morning Star
 Saule, Meness,       Usins,            Jumis,      Perkons,      Zaltis,    Ausektis
Note how the 7 day bell involves 7 gods. Usins at the Equinox  is implictly 2. We then see how the symbols and gods line up with the 8 spoked wheel of the year.  The current alignment of Latvian Wheel of Year and Festivals is different. 
                                                         Ziemas: Yule
Samhain                                                                                                   Imbolc
Mabon                                                                                              Ostara
             Lughnasadh                                                                                    Beltane
                                              Jani: Midsummer (Lithas, Lammas)