1 Pillar, 2 Curved Pillars

1 Pillar, 2 Curved Pillars 
In the Indian tradition the spinal plllar is called shushumnah and is surrounded by the nadis Ida, Pingala.
In the West we see a similar arrangement in the Caduceus
In the Christian Tradition we find this caduceus of 1 pillar and 2 curved pillars becomes the central pillar of a more complex configuration of 3 pillars:
Boaz                                   Caduceus                      Jachin
Eve                                     Twins                              Adam
Moon                                                                           Sun
Capricorn                          Gemini                            Leo
larger thee e three pillars as Boaz (Eve), the Gemini twins linked Caduceus, Jachin (Adam)
In the Hebrew Letter Shin has the 3 pillars in which 1 is sometimes vertical and 2 have curves.