Roc Terms

COAT OF ARMS AND SYMBOLS [BELOVODYA] By right of the succession of holy spirit, great race uses the ancient coat of arms, which depicts the two-headed bird Of [rokk] (fate, i.e., fate) of golden color, with the stretched out wings. Right head of Orel - dark golden color, and leftist - mythical bird Phoenix - silvery color. The bird Of [rokk] sits on You [orgete], on which it is traced by runes - race is holy. Under [Orgetom] are arranged nine crosses and indicate nine bodies of white man. Sixteen stars on You [orgete] they reflect a quantity Of [vesey] [Belovodya]. By left paw holds the Earth, and right - sword, [ostriem] upward, which indicates the protection of the Earth piously races. Above the heads of [izobrazhen] Of [svarozhiy] circle of sixteen stars. Inside The [svarozhego] circle is arranged The [devyatikonechnaya] star Of [inglii]. Inside the star Of [inglii] is inserted the associated symbol - sword. Around the star Of [inglii] are designated sixteen red circles with the yellow middle and indicate sixteen celestial halls, through which is passed [Yarilo] - the sun. Above The [svarozhim] circle shines the constellation Of [zimun] - Ursa Minor - of seven stars. The star Of [inglii] designates the place of our solar system from [Midgard] - [Zemley] in the constellation Of [zimun].
On the breast of the bird Of [rokk] is arranged the panel of triangular form, with the oval ends. Edging of the panel of red color. Background inside the panel is black, on which [izobrazhen] the gold cross in the form of sword. Cross designates four peoples of the kinds of the race of great and kind of celestial. The means of sword, [ostriem] downward, indicates protection and retention of the ancient wisdom of the kinds of the race of great from the external enemies. On by gold the cross of [izobrazhen] the solar symbol of the sacred fire of credence and domestic center. Left-side solar symbol of red color. In each angle of solar symbol colored circle with the point in the middle is located. It symbolically depicts four colors of the eyes of the kinds of the race of great. The basic symbol of old Vera is the star Of [inglii]. It symbolizes the primary fire of godly creation and the shining light of the [Yarily]- sun, and also the white harmonious person, descendant of ancient bright gods. The star Of [inglii] represents three being intersected triangles, framed by external circle. Three triangles symbolize godly beginning of one of the great it is trimain, which patronize to God peace - realities, [Navi], [Pravi]. Framing great trimain, external circle, symbolizes [Zhiznrodyashchuyu] [Ingliyu]. [Bezkonechnoe] space external behind the circle symbolizes the united Creator- creator, [imenatsiya] to whom great Ra- M -Ha.