Russian World Tree Symbolism

Russian World Tree
Прикольная футболка: Славянская - Мировое Древо - белая футболка
Points in this figure - this is “the peaces” Of [iggdrasilya] - emanations, which exist in the space “of the tree of life”, and constituting its integral structure. Let us examine in more detail the quantitative characteristics of the paradigm: 3 “root” - the symbol of [trekhmiriya], [trekhtochiya], 3-dimensional nature, guide - reality - [Nav], triunity energy - information - measure. 9 “peaces” - 9 regularities, or 9 emanations of the manifestation of the universe. 24 connections between “the peaces” - correspond to twenty four to runes of the Scandinavian runic system “Of [futark]”. Qualitative characteristics among nine points “of the tree of peaces” it is possible to isolate three singular points - this three roots “world tree”, forming vertical dual (dualistic) symmetry “[Iggdrasilya]”, and which are not connected with each other directly. Three peaces are these roots - guide, reality and [Nav]. Remaining 6 points, that have in the end of their name style “[Kheym]” (it resembles English “game” - game.) form horizontal triple ([truidnuyu]) symmetry. More clearly the designation of the peaces Of [iggdrasilya] will appear, if we conduct analogy with all known concept Of [chakr]. Each [Chakra] is inherent in certain regularity, and it means to a certain peace, received by realization as the integral interconnected system, which forms the [opredelennyy] “layer” of reality. Therefore to each [Chakre] inherently still and its own body, necessary for a stay and the displacement in the corresponding to it peace. It is possible to say that [Chakry] are interconnected into the tree of life, or that they are its flowers - the ovaries of its fruits.