Divine Temple of Jwala Ji

Divine Temple of Jwala Ji
The flame are based out of fissure from which some natural gas seeps out itself and burns endlessly. There are always 7 or 9 flames burning all the times.
The legend of the Jwalamukhi Temple relates to Sati, who was born when gods concentrated their individual energy on the ground. The Jwalamukhi temple is the place where the tongue of Sati fell. Here the goddess is manifested as tiny flames that burn through the fissures in the age old rock.....
The nine flames have been named after goddesses - Mahakali, Unpurna, Chandi, Hinglaj, Bindhya Basni, Maha Lakshmi, Saraswati, Ambika and Anji Devi, continuously burning without any fuel, or assistance,may be seen erupting from a rock-side. Now housed in the shape of nature is worshipped as a goddess ,know as JWALAMUKHI. It is one of the 51 Shakti-pitha temples. The great Mughal Emperor Akbar had visited this place to test its originality. Jwalamukhi is one of the fifty one Mahashakthi pithas.