a. p. c. e. t. i. I. r. o. s

a. p. c. e. t. i. I. r. o. s
We find, moreover, that the number of radical
letters is variously set down at 10, 11, and 13 ; the most
generally adopted, however, is 10, made up of the letters
a. p. c. e. t. i. I. r. o. s., whence the alphabet came to be
designated by the word abcetilros, afterwards softened
into abcedilros.

" ABCEDILROS. So are the ten primary letters called, being
put together in one word of four syllables; that is to say, they are
arranged in respect of the word thus, A. B. c. E. D. I. L. B. o. s. *